Thursday, 19 May 2011

T-62 Chechnyan war

In the last few months I didn't have time and spirit for modeling. why? I don't know, realy. Maybe couse in the last few years I builded too much, and only once a time I've painted my model. I felt it was too much for me.

But few weeks ago I felt, I have to do something! So I decided, I will start to do my old dream, a T-62.
My friend Aron Vrbovszi showed to me a photo few years ago, but in that time I didn't realised that I want to build it, couse I had a fever, like everybody else around me :D fever of the german vehicle! But it was enough, too much from Panthers Tigers, KingTigers around me, I needed something else!
So few days ago I pulled out again this photo, and I realised, that's what I need now.

Let me introduce the T-62 in Chechnya, now only the photos, and few days later will fallow my W.I.P.
I will do the T-62 from the first photo here!