Thursday, 19 May 2011

T-62 Chechnyan war

In the last few months I didn't have time and spirit for modeling. why? I don't know, realy. Maybe couse in the last few years I builded too much, and only once a time I've painted my model. I felt it was too much for me.

But few weeks ago I felt, I have to do something! So I decided, I will start to do my old dream, a T-62.
My friend Aron Vrbovszi showed to me a photo few years ago, but in that time I didn't realised that I want to build it, couse I had a fever, like everybody else around me :D fever of the german vehicle! But it was enough, too much from Panthers Tigers, KingTigers around me, I needed something else!
So few days ago I pulled out again this photo, and I realised, that's what I need now.

Let me introduce the T-62 in Chechnya, now only the photos, and few days later will fallow my W.I.P.
I will do the T-62 from the first photo here!



  1. Interesting for sure. Looking forward to this. I was a tanker for 12 years on the M1/M1A1 Abrams tank. I had my head out of the turret once when we were online with other tanks at gunnery .. it was the zero range where we were firing rounds to zero the main gun. A tank next to us fired just as I stuck my head out .. and I thought I would be deaf. The 120mm main gun fires it is like you are struck on the side of the head with a baseball bat!

  2. Hi Edward!

    It could be a great fun mate. Unfortunately I didn't have any chanche to be in a tank when she is firing, but I hope one day.... Anyway I have some grat shot from nice Abrams, so who knows maybe the next project....
    Thanks your comment mate!