Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hi all!

Before yesterday I had some time to do my model, so I started to build the suspension. I had to do for movable, couse I don't have a base at the moment, and I don't know how it will be standing on the ground. So I've made holes on the hull for first step, and I've made holes on the swing arms' end as well. But before I had to sealed the top of the swing arms, couse the trumpeter made all the suspension' halls with a half circle version!

The first and the last swing arms are fix, couse something has to hold the thank on the base.

Yesterday I started to build the hull. First I thought, that this is a very good model. Now I think this is just a good model. There are many many fit problem and it coast form me one full day to solve all those problems.

The wheels are a realy nightmare! The trumpeter planed on it all the original "spike" ot the rubber (side and top) but it was on the wheel maybe one or two weeks on the original vehicle! To take off all of this spike is I think a week long work.

So I decided, I will do two each days.
Today I started to do the welding imitation. Not too bad fun, but takes a long time to replace all what the trumpeter forget it! So more pictures coming soon!


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