Tuesday, 30 August 2011

fixing of my mistakes

Hi lads,

In the last few weeks I remaked a loads of parts, I have also on a hungarian forum a topic, and there are some expert guy from the "new" russian stuff, specialy from T-62
Anyway here are some of my mistake

The cage of the front lamps were too smale

 and this is the new one

The locks of the lamp on the top was plastic one what was originaly on the trumpeter one, but it's very ugly, so I changed as well, and also remaked the smale thing (I don't know that name)

Originaly the trumpeter made a mistake (they made a loads) on the front armour. They mispositioned the place of the screws' base on the lowerer hull

And the bigest, I changed the basic of the gun, couse I used the RB metal ring, but it's not corrent as size and as materian neither. Couse the basic of the burrel is like a cast iron, not like a flat treated one. And as my friend told to me the canvas what i made it wasn't correct as well. So here is my new one

I also made it the horn on the left hand side, and finished the driver position, and their cables.

And the welding imitation is ready as well

That's it now, I hope, now I can start to build again and I won't do mistakes again.


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