Monday, 9 January 2012

near to the painting job

Hi all,

I had a spare time to do something on my modell before my holiday. So I finished yesterday the engine deck, and I started to do the side boxes. Unfortunately the E.T. models doesn't give any update for those boxes (I think that is business politic to buy the boxes P.E. as well) I think the Trumpeter's orogonal boxes are not too bad. I know you will have a lot work with that, but I don't think that we should buy a whole P.E. set to use, except if you want to use open boxes, or damaged boxes!
So today I've just already started, but tomorrow will finish it, so now only one photo is coming from that.

The holders will be ready from old P.E. sets, or something what left from old kits. I don't know yet.
I also finished the engine deck, what was a nightmare!!!!!! The Trumpeter completly forget the details about this side! Like a toy. So I had to looking for many many reference photos and start to build a new opener section. The photo is not the best, but tomorrow will fallow a good one!

And finaly ready the commanders hatch. loads of P.E. work and a bit home made things. Now looks like the real one. Some smale update is still missing but tomorrow will be completed!

So see you tomorrow with more updates!

Cheers: Gergo

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