Saturday, 16 July 2016

engine deck part 2

Hi all again!

As I promised before here comes the second part of Pete Hamann's 3D printed engine deck's preview.
Shell we start with fitting. Unfortunately, the fitting side under the turret to the Tamiya hull is not perfect. I don't know Pete's printed part too long, or the Tamiya version is too short to the original, however this part is not fitting. BUT, very easy to solve this problem. As you can see, the problem is not really coming out under the turret (which part is always under cover) but because the printed part too long, the "cast" part top of the exhaust is not covering well that look at the photos.

After fitting, I removed the engine deck lockers. I did not because it's not accurate, I did because I used only this printed part, and was much easier to reproduce from Tamiya plastic. One more thing. I cut out the grill's cover on the top right site. Watching original photos, looks like it was always open (and looks much cooler ;) ) Than I cut a left over part grill from a King Tiger and glued to the bottom side. As you can see on photo, I've made a mistake and over cut the 3D part, but as i mentioned before it's all under the turret :)

When it was on it's place I just made all the small details, like hooks, bolts and the engine deck opener rod. and finally all got it's shape.

Where you can see green signs there is already good, where you can see red, that's part I have to fix it.

What can I say after this 3D printed part? Wish I could order the other part as well (second half of the engine deck) This is the most accurate part in the whole kit. The plastic is good, easy to work with, the details are superb. I'm sure the way is open to the new technique and I'm sure it wasn't my last piece of 3D printed one. Thanks a lot to Pete Hamann for this, and I hope I can build more from yours!

And here comes the final photo:

NOTE: I did not get this 3D part as a gift. I bought it. The opinion what I wrote it above is mine, and it's definitely not a commercial!


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