Thursday, 16 June 2011


Hi all!

As I promised before here are some photos from the present works. I still didn't stop the T-62, only I'm not building the plastick but soldering the P.E.
I use the E.T. Models fantastic P.E. sets. (I don't have any relationship with that factory) Easy to cut out from the frame, and easy to soldering to eachother. But unfortunately the draw (instructions paper is a shit) I think two diferent team planed that! Anyway that is thick where it has to be thick and thin where it has to be thin, so I'm very happy with my decision! So talk instood of me the photos!

I know there are some mistakes, that happens if I use the Macro photos, but I will fix it them! I think a couple of hours more work with those parts and it will be ready to install on the vehicle!
I hope you like it, I'll be back soon with the update of the engine deck.

Cheers: Gergo

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