Thursday, 14 July 2011

After holiday....

Hi everybody!

After a "long" brake, I'm here again. I was on holiday (worst time ever) and came back cople days ago, but didn't have enough time to build my beast. But fortunately, I had two days off on monday and thuesday , so I was modelling again!!!!!
Unfortunately the second day I was looking for more time the smale parts what fallen from my hand or from my tweezer than builded my model :D but the point is that I fellt again why I love this hobby!
So guys, here is the result of my two days:
                           My friend told to me that maybe I should fix it the texture of the turret. I said I don't want couse is everithing ready on it (almost) but you know guys how is working if somebody say something, and you start to thinking, and thinking....and the end.... of course you destroy everything and start again. Yep I did it as well. I watched a loads of photos from the turret and i realised that he had right, so I did it. It looks like that:

 I remaked the cancas of the gun as well. Not ready yet, I mean it's not 100% but better than the original plastic one!

 In live it's better, the photo doesn't give back 100% the reality!
I also started to do the infra light (I think that's the infra light for the gun, but that is just a tips) I didn't finish yet, the cables are missing!

So the point is, a loads of things are missing and it will be a hundread of hours to finish it, but hey guys, not this is the point of it?!

Come back soon with more details!

Cheers: Gergo

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