Saturday, 30 July 2011

Turret almost ready

Hi everybody,

After a short silence I had time tonight. Unfortunately, the summer time is not my hobby time. I'm a chef, so when you are traveling guys..... so in that time I'm working for you in the kitchen. :D Anyway tonight I finished some things
For example I remaked the top of the roof, couse my friends said, that the shape of the turret is not correct. So I made a mass from epoxy putty and I worked in to the material of turret. after one day I fixed all the "scratches" what is so specific for the T-62.

Today I made all the cabels what are going in to the "lamps" next to the gun and on the top of the turret as well.

And after of course, I neede for some fun :D so I tried the spare track to the side of the turret! It will looks ok in 1:35 scale as well. :D

So that was today, let see what will be tomorrow.......

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