Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hi all,

long time since last comment, but that was, just because I was busy. In the last few weeks, I almost finished the turret, now is almost 95% ready, and the hull is 40%, But next week i can do more progress, couse i will have some extra days.
So I finished, the front armor, but not everything, the wire and some smale P.E. still missing. I almost finished the turret, the "smoke garnet seed" I don't know is that the right word or not. Finished with the boxes,(bins) on the turret, (the back bin is working)Not all the welding imitation is ready at the moment, but almost. Ready the infra, and it's wiring. The only one thing what is missing from the turret is the telemeter. That is absolutely wrong, from Miniarm! So my friend will give me one correct one, but until that, i'm gona do some progress on the hull. And here are the photos.

I hope you like it, next week more progress on hull!

Cheers Gergo

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