Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hello Everyone,

As I promised before, here are my new update about side skirts, at least from the left hand side one!
I used the Voyager kit (nothing else on the market) and I have to say that is pritty good! As I hated the basic kit, couse I think that is a peace of shit, this one is a real diamond. There are mistakes, and easy to do crap if you don't listen carefuly what you do, but the at the end you will be ok with that.
Note that the skirt is just glued to the plastic only with blue-tech, and many parts are missing, so that is not a final version! Just finished with the soldering, for the smaler parts I will use Super Attak gel glue.
Ok let see the photos, couse as they say one picture worth thousends of words!


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