Friday, 10 May 2013

Hi everybody!

I had a small time today to make changes on the engine deck. I have planed that I'll do the right sie skirt as well, but this voyager p.e. is so bad, that I had to spend all my time with this. Unfortunately they don't give enough details, so if you want to do a correct shape, a correct engine deck, you must to use all your practics, all your old and left over p.e. and of course, loads of wire. I don't have much evergreen, but I sware to god, I'll buy a dozen of it, couse i could use now easier than this p.e.
I know it looks ready now, but trust me, the end is far away from here! First of all, I have to finish this back area, after the right side skirt, and finish the front area (lamps, wires, and some welding imitation) after nothing else only the check up and fix the small problems. Hopefully I can make the side skirt on the next week, and after, only few things left before painting method.
So here are my photos about back area, hope you like it!? And if you have any idea, suggestion or constructive comment, don't hasitate to write a few line to me!

That's it for today! More update coming soon!


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