Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I've done with washes yesterday, and painted the gun's  mantlet, course now is shiny but after washes will be flat as well, now just scratches and oils, and grise and....... so loads of thing to do.


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

She's got her skirt :D

Today wasn't a good day! For me anyway. I tried to finish the wheels and the side fenders, but somehow the Tamiya base wasnt enough strong and around many places the original rolor just chipped up. Of course my semi gloss clear has died today, of course when ever if not than I needed. So Today I finished wit clear, the rubber colors, and.......... oh jessus, that's all, that was one whole day :( I feel like doing nothin'
Anyway I let you judge her. That will be the end of the painting procedure, now washes and MUD, loads of MUD and more MUD :D

Monday, 5 August 2013

Today wasn't a really progressive day, but at least my filters done. I applied 3 kind of filters, the first was a light olive green, the second a strong olive green with some brown, and the third was a Van Dyck brown. Unfortunately my photo lights gone, at least one of them, so I could do only photos after second filters, but enough to see how the colors has changed on it. So, enjoy it, and tomorrow coming back more light, more progress, more photos

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Finally dressed up!

I started to paint the beast, the base coat is on now, big thanks to Alex Clark to use his idea for tamiya mix. So far looks good the basic, of course it's too light, but after washes, filters chipping etc. will be much much darker. I really sutisfied with tamiya, even if I didn't use more than 10 years. Good surface and so far ok with P.E. as well. Will see after washes. Now just one or two photos, but coming back more in the following days.